Building Anything

I'm Ray and these are my products. I've been a software engineer for 10 years. I recently started founding. I can build anything. I'm looking for a marketing cofounder to join me.

Message me @repsofsunshine.

The Brandy House Site

Brandy House

Brandy House is a simple online service where people with budding ideas, products, or companies can come to get a market ready name and logo created by our team. Brandy House provides high quality US based creative naming & design services. This is a fun way to put our experience to work, meet other creators, and help new comers enter the community with a mouth watering brand.

Deplorable Work Home Page

Deplorable Work

Deplorable is a job board website that invites a community of people who share non-woke values to post openings and candidate profiles. The COVID mandates that attempted to force companies and workers to get vaccinated inspired us to build this. We saw a constant stream of people online talking about the difficult time they were having searching for a new job after loosing theirs because of the mandates. Deplorable is a value first job board site. Don't post unless you've read the values and you agree with them. They are not politically partisan or divisive. We believe that the vast majority Americans, across typical political isles, agree with our values statement.

The Praxis home page

The Praxis Company

Praxis is an event listing site. The events are specifically tactical, medical, and survival trainings. The companies that put on these trainings are mostly small businesses that operate in a single city, county, or state. You cannot find quality tactical training event on every corner like you can a Starbucks. It is difficult to follow each small company and keep up with their changing schedule of events and locations. Praxis collects the best training events across the country and lists them in a searchable format. It is the Amazon of tactical, medical, and survival trainings.

The Exobase home page


Exobase is a technical founder and engineer tool that helps build scalable platforms quickly. Scalability, in this case, specifically refers to the ability of the platform infrastructure to change through time. On occasion we need to move a web service from one cloud service to another. It's a nightmare. If you build with Exobase, it's easy. The platform is fully open source — everything but the secrets. Developers get a dev ops partner to do all the difficult things for them and a library of open source tool kits designed specifically for Exobase that help them build even faster.

Colony Banner

The Colony

Colony is a development task delivery service. This makes Colony the Instacart of development tasks. With Colony, Instead of interviewing, testing, qualifying, hiring, and onboarding you can now describe your task, post it on Colony and wait for it to be delivered. Simple platform mechanics encourage a healthy system by requiring payment upfront, rewarding workers for complete and on time tasks, and handling disputes through a randomized community election process.

Currently in development.

Lurk Banner

Lurk Social

Lurk is a social media platform where content never dies. We are designing Lurk specifically to combat the banning, demonetizing, and deplatforming that is happening today. At the crux of the issue we believe that a user needs to have direct control over their content and access to their community. In real life, healthy communities do not require fact checkers and administrators who silence you. In real life, communities manage themselves. Lurk is going to deliver a platform that gives communities that opportunity to flourish or fail.

Currently in planning.